Europe Road Trip

A road trip is possibly the most american way of travelling. All major road trips I have done so far were in Canada and the United States. This year I decided to do Europe. Even though it’s my home turf I have left the continent unattended in a certain way.

The decision to hit the road in the first place was made within 24 hours prior to departure. So the quality of planning was not the best possible. However, spontaneous decisions have a tendency to harbour the most exciting adventures.


The first stop is Auxerre, France. A mid sized town at the river Yonne, 150 km south-east of Paris.

View of the city Auxerre and the river Yonne
View of Auxerre and the river Yonne. Agfa Vista 200, September 2018

I checked in an AirBnB a few kilometers outside the city in the small town of Monéteau. I met an outstanding nice host with a passion for gardening. Even though she did not speak any english we managed to communicate through Google Translate and with a few words we knew in each other’s language.

View of the old bridge of Monéteau. Agfa Vista 200, September 2018

Next stop was Bordeaux in département Aquitaine.