About the KAST

What does ‚KAST‘ stand for?

KAST is an abbreviation for ‚kleiner, alternativer Sender, Trier‚. Which is german and means ‚alternative little broadcaster from Trier‚. KAST is a reference to a (now defuct) newspaper of our hometown that used to have a quite similar name: KATZ. The Z in their name stands for ‚Zeitung‚ – Newspaper. We are not affiliated with the KATZ.

You are in the podcasting business. Why do you consider yourself broadcasters?

Unlike most podcasters we recurrently buy airtime and actually broadcast our shows. Since we do this on shortwave we can be heard in large portions of europe. When you mail in a reception report and green stamps we are happy to confirm your report with a QSL card.

KAST sounds like the name of an american radio station.

We very well know that. When making an abbreviation with four letters that start with K or W it is very likely to hit a callsign of a commercial north american broadcaster. Previously we planned to use the name KATS for it’s similarity with the newspaper mentioned above. However KATS is already assigned to a rock station from Yakima, WA.

What kind of equipment are you using?

We are using mostly semi-professional and some professional grade broadcasting equipment. In the studio we have a Tascam 4-channel audio interface and a collection of vocal and large-diaphragm type microphones – all equipped with pop killers. For field recording we are using a high quality hand held recording device. This can also be used with a pair of binaural stereo microphones for special 3D audio recordings.